Paul Mannion

Director of Product Innovation, Blackmores

Paul is the Director of Product Innovation for Blackmores, the leading nutritional supplement brand in Australia.  The Blackmores group includes retail, health care practitioner, infant nutrition, direct to consumer and animal health brands.  Paul has extensive experience in the natural medicine industry and has lead product development and launch for leading brands in Australia for the last 15 years.  He also currently serves on the board and as the Vice President of the peak industry body, Complementary Medicines Australia.  Paul has a clinical background as a qualified Naturopath and is passionate about growing the evidence base for natural medicines to achieve broader acceptance and improve the lives of many more people around the world.  In particular, he is excited by the growing scientific validation of traditional healing concepts including probiotic, herbal and nutritional therapies.

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Probiotic market growth, the danger of commoditisation and the impetus for innovation

The microbiome is truly on the map and consumer demand for solutions to restore microbial balance has never been stronger.  This consumer demand is underpinned by a growing body of science, increased health care practitioner recommendation and, ultimately, by consumers achieving positive health outcomes.  Despite this the probiotic industry is at a cross roads, with new trends emerging which threaten ongoing commercial success and consumer acceptance.  Looking to the future Paul’s presentation will highlight:

  • Strategies for successful market launches and boosting consumer awareness
  • Commoditisation and the probiotic potency arms race – what it takes to succeed
  • Medical microbiome therapies and the future of supplemental probiotics