Yakult, DuPont, Danone and Watsons join stellar line-up for first Probiota Asia summit in Singapore

Top-level speakers from a raft of major probiotics manufacturers and suppliers will join international academics to present at our first Probiota Asia summit in Singapore in October. Read more

Probiotics offer prospect of cheap, eco-friendly nanoparticles

The use of probiotics for the biosynthesis of metallic nanoparticles (MNPs) may offer a cheaper, more eco-friendly alternative to previous production methods, says a new review. Read more

Yakult begins work on sixth China factory

Yakult is to begin construction of its sixth plant in China to increase production of its probiotic milk drinks. Read more

Probiotics’ positive effect on infant diarrhoea risk may be due to SCFA response: Indian study

The beneficial effects of probiotics in reducing the risk of diarrhoea in children may in part be due to their impact on faecal short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and branched chain fatty acids (BCFAs), according to an Indian study. Read more

International probiotics experts and global firms to feature at first Probiota Asia summit

A world-class line up of international probiotics experts will feature at our first Probiota Asia summit, to be held in Singapore in October. Read more

WATCH: Probiotics in China — ‘The market is set to explode’

The probiotics sector is forecast to soar by 23% in China to 2020 and even greater long-term growth beckons if the industry unites to better educate consumers and regulators. Watch and read more

Probiotic beer created at Singapore university has ‘commercial potential’

Researchers in Singapore who have created a probiotic beer are on the lookout for industry partners to launch the product to consumers. Read more

Probiotics powerhouse: China sales outstripping global average as DuPont reveals 50% surge

DuPont says its probiotics business in China is booming, with sustained growth leading it to double capacity at its specialist Beijing production and packaging site this year. Read more

All mouth and some action: Oral probiotics still in infancy but promise is there

The emergence of probiotics in oral health has led to an acceleration of research into these friendly bacteria as a potential functional ingredient in gum and mints. Watch and read more

Making a deposit: Faecal biobanks have ‘great potential’

The interest in stool transplants or faecal microbial transplants has gathered momentum in recent years giving rise to the concept of faecal biobanks. Watch and read more

New research presented at Probiota 2017 demonstrates cholesterol-reducing microbiome modulation

Researchers from the University of Reading and OptiBiotix Health presented two posters on microbiome modulation at Probiota 2017, a major event for the global prebiotic, probiotic and microbiota-focused food and pharma industries. Read more

 Must read: Many, many things you need to know about probiotics until 2020

The global probiotics market is worth €32bn according to latest Euromonitor data and analysis presented recently at Probiota in Amsterdam – and that excludes fermented sour milks worth another €5.8bn. Read the full NutraIngredients article >

VIDEO: Infant nutrition – the latest health demands, consumer trends and fortification needs in APAC

The challenges in the battle to provide adequate infant nutrition across APAC are as diverse as the region itself, with severe micronutrient deficiencies, stunting and, on the other hand, soaring obesity levels being witnessed. Watch and read more

Digesting science: Six ideas about prebiotics

So much of the discussion around pre and probiotics in Europe is dominated by regularity restraints and commercial concerns. That’s why… read the full article>

RCTs the only way for probiotic acceptance, says leading professor

The only way probiotics will be accepted into mainstream medicine is to conduct randomised clinical trials that conform to drug standards, a leading gastroenterologist has said… read the full article>

Chr. Hansen’s foundation in probiotics: insight, invention and integrity

“Insight, invention and integrity capture what Chr. Hansen is all about as a trusted supplier of probiotic solutions. Read the full article >

 Fruit d’Or debuts probiotic gummy at Probiota Americas event

Ingredient developer Fruit d’Or officially launched what it billed as the world’s first cranberry probiotic gummy product at the recent IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas event…read the full article>

 Whole, natural fiber works best to protect gut mucosal layer, researcher says

Dietary fiber plays an important role in protecting the gut’s mucosal layer, according to research presented at the recent Probiota Americas event…watch now>

 Oral microbiome rich environment for study, product development, event attendees told

Good overall health starts in the mouth, dentists have preached for years. Oral health is a promising avenue for probiotics development, attendees at a recent event were told…read the full article>

Multispecies approach builds a better probiotic team, Winclove believes

The gut microbiota consists of hundreds of species, and probiotics supplier Winclove believes a multispecies formula is the best way to boost that community…watch now>

Probiotics for women health ‘needs to be the future’: Experts

New research is bringing to light the role microbes in women’s bodies play in the development of a baby’s immune system, and ultimately, the healthy development of children… see more>

 Probiotics in sports nutrition? Lallemand’s Lafti L10 studied for immune support in athletes

New research is bringing to light the role microbes in women’s bodies play in the development of a baby’s immune system, and ultimately, the healthy development of children… watch now>

 Breast milk seen as source of prebiotic ingredients

Human breast milk is a novel source of interesting prebiotic candidates, attendees at the recent IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas event were told…read the full article>

Concept of healthy microbiome gaining acceptance among MDs

The concept of a healthy microbiome has gained some traction among physicians, an expert told attendees at the recent IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas event in Chicago… Read the full article>

 FDA details progress of next-gen sequencing tool at Probiota Americas

On Wednesday the Food Drug Administration presented a detailed look at its next gen sequencing tool for probiotic products at the Probiota Americas event in Chicago… Read the full article>

 IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas: Five regulators, the clinician’s view, economic impacts and more

The IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas event in Chicago brought together 280 scientists, regulators, formulators, marketers and brand holders… Read the full article>

‘Amazing growth’ but regulatory climates complicate probiotic potential, says IPA chief

Regulatory confusion, inappropriate headlines, and scientific transparency are just three of the big issues affecting the probiotics sector, says the executive director of the International Probiotics Association. Read the full article >

Bifodan expands Global Operations

Bifodan, a distinct provider of probiotic solutions for the private label nutritional industry, announces a significant expansion of its global operations.  Read more >

FDA developing next-gen toolbox for probiotic products

The US Food and Drug Administration is developing a next-generation toolbox for analyzing live microbial products, including DNA microarrays, metagenomic sequencing and analysis, and a whole genome database development.  Read more >

Regulatory experts to open 2016 IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas

Experts from the US FDA, EFSA, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and Anvisa will provide regulatory insights about global probiotic regulations at the 2016 IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas. Read the full NutraIngredients-USA article here

We want you! Scientific committee calls for cutting-edge science at the IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas 2016

The scientific committee of the IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas 2016 is calling for submission of abstracts for this year’s event. Don’t miss your chance to present!  Read the full NutraIngredients article here

Watch the highlights from Probiota Americas 2015


Pivotal study on effect of gut microbial makeup on brain activity changed course of researcher’s career

The dawn of inexpensive, rapid genetic sequencing has opened up new avenues for explaining the connection of the gut to the brain is ushering in a new age, said a speaker at the recent Probiota Americas event… watch now

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Can gut microbes affect eating behavior? It’s an intriguing field of research, expert says

Can the makeup of the gut microbial community affect our behavior?  It’s an intriguing possibility, says Joe Alcock, MD, from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque…watch the interview

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Ganeden BC30 boosts performance, recovery in weight lifting test, attendees at event are told

A study detailed at the Probiota Americas gathering in San Diego showed how supplementation of Bacillus coagulans combined with protein decreases muscle damage and boosts recovery post exercise. the interview

Biomakers of resilience could elucidate structure function claims for probiotics, experts say

How do probiotic researchers and suppliers best communicate with customers? And what should they be trying to tell them, anyway? Having a clear picture of what gut and blood parameters a dietary intervention is meant to affect and …read more here

Probiota Americas as it happens

The inaugural Probiota Americas is on-going in San Diego. The event kicked off with an important announcement between the International Probiotics Associatin (IPA) and William Reed Business Media, publisher of NutraIngredients-USA…click here to read the full article

Probiota Americas Quiz: Do you know your probiotics, prebiotics and microbiota?

Do you know who first proposed that lactic acid could prolong life? When was the Human Microbiome Project started? Or which strain is considered ‘the Yakult strain’? Click here to read more and to take the quiz

VideoClipSymbol_46x46NYAG affair will have implications for probiotics suppliers, exec says

According to one prominent executive, for the probiotics industry, the fallout from the NYAG affair should be fairly straightforward:  Make sure you know how to do what you’re supposed to do in the first place. Identify and count, it’s as simple as the interview

‘A valuable addition to QC’: FDA GutProbe may help verify accurate labelling in commercial probiotics

A custom DNA microarray may provide a ‘quick, more accurate, and inexpensive’ method for identifying microbials and probiotics in dietary supplements, say the FDA researchers who developed the technique… continue reading

Emerging technologies will help take probiotics and other digestive health ingredients to the next level: Bayer HealthCare Scientist

Emerging methodologies and technologies such as the Smart Pill, non-invasive molecular methods using exfoliated epithelial cells, and uBiome, need further consideration and evaluation from key stakeholders to identify…click here to read the full article

Psychobiotics: Modulation of gut microbiota may ‘hold the key to’ neuropsychological disorders

Using prebiotics and probiotics to alter the gut microbiota and influence the gut-brain axis may open up new ways of influencing neuropsychological conditions, says a new review. Click here to read the full article

Maker of GoodBelly shares 6 tips for successfully growing a brand

The vast majority of food and beverage launches fail to survive beyond the initial “experimental phase” in part because they expand their distribution too quickly, warns Alan Murray, the CEO of Next Foods. Click here to read the full article

NBTY director of nutrition research: Probiotic stakeholders need to come together to fill the gaps

There are significant gaps in the science supporting probiotics, and industry and academia must come together to continue to contribute to the understanding of probiotics, says Dr Susan Mitmesser, Director of Nutrition Research at NBTY Inc. Click here to read the full article

Probiota Americas to unite science and industry in North & South America

Probiota Americas is five weeks away, where pre- and probiotic stakeholders will share the latest insights in science, regulatory, market and business opportunities in North and South America. Click here to read the full article

US, Brazil still dominate $10bn probiotic Americas market

Ahead of the 2015 Probiota Americas conference in June, NutraIngredients-USA caught up with speaker Monica Feldman, head of consumer health industry research at Euromonitor International, on growth, big brands and key trends in the booming North and South Americas probiotics markets. Click here to read the full article

Reports & highlights from Probiota Global – The Netherlands, February 3-5, 2015


We want you! Scientific Committee calls for cutting-edge science for Probiota Americas

A newly established scientific committee is set to assess cutting edge research for the Probiota Americas 2015 Scientific Frotiers poster session. Don’t miss your chance to present! Click here to read the full article

Greenteasponn CSO: “We’re convinced polyphenol prebiotics will play a huge role in advancing our understanding of the importance of hte gut mucus layer in health and wellness”

A proprietary blend of superfruit and green team may support healthy digestion, says data from a double-blind and placebo-controlled study that supports the prebiotic potential of polyphenols. Click here to read the full article


Highlights from Probiota Global – The Netherlands, February 3-5, 2015
Biased by industry? Do academic and business collaborations work?

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Like many areas of nutrition research, probiotic and prebiotic science relies on strong collaboration between academic experts and businesses. But there are some who say such links create biased science…. click here to watch the report

Expert insights: What is the future for probiotics and prebiotics?

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Recent years have brought about a raft of scientific studies that suggest links between our gut microbiota and different disease risk factors and health conditions. But with much of this research in its infancy still, many are left wondering what the future may hold… click here to watch the report

Game on: Probiotics & sports performance

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Clinical data is building around the role of probiotics to aid athletic performance – from recovery to muscle development to immune defense.  Here are insights from a leading researcher at Probiota in Amsterdam…click here to watch the interview

6 years of hurt: Probiotic heavyweights debate the EU’s health claim blockade

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Yakult and leading academics expressed frustration at what they see as unfair and opaque scientific requirements around probiotic health claims in teh European Union – but how much is industry to blame and could social media be a data-sharing saviour? Click here to watch the report

Scientific Frontiers (Probiota Global) poster session winners

Find out more about the three winners of the first Scientific Frontiers poster session earlier this year in Amsterdam in this video then submit your abstract for the Probiota Americas Scientific Frontiers poster session.

‘Accelerating the commercial adoption of early stage research’: Leading probiotics event unites science and industry in North & South America

San Diego will host the first ever Probiota Americas, bringing together eminent scientists and business leaders from the pre & probiotic and microbiota focused nutrition industries of North and South America. Probiota Americas will build upon the success of the global Probiota event…click here to read the full article

Probiota Americas