Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals

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Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals (NCP) is an innovative leader in probiotic research and development with a purpose built TGA approved and GMP certified manufacturing facility located in Melbourne, Australia. Based on scientific evidence and clinical observation, NCP has been providing stable probiotic formulae to the Australian ‘practitioner only’ market for the last 30 years through its own private Nutrition Care label, with insight to introduce therapeutic bacteria to confer health benefits not only to the gastrointestinal tract but to end-organ systems.

Through the production of its own range and as a contract manufacturer, NCP offers among the highest quality probiotic manufacturing capabilities within the Asia Pacific region. With extensive knowledge and experience, NCP is able to assist its clients every step of the way from the development of premium evidenced-based probiotic formulations up to their release into the market place supported with technical and educational advice through the entire process.


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