Dr Mingzhan Toh

Research Fellow, Food Science and Technology Programme, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore

Mingzhan holds a Doctorate degree in Food Science and Technology (FST) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is currently a Research Fellow in the Fermentation and Flavour research group, headed by Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan, at the NUS FST programme. Mingzhan’s research interests include the interactions between probiotic bacteria and yeasts and the development of novel food and beverages products through probiotification.

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Interactions between probiotic bacteria and yeasts: How yeast might preserve probiotic potency during manufacture and distribution

The health promoting properties of probiotics depend on the number of live microorganisms present at the point of consumption. That means it’s crucial that probiotic foods have high levels of probiotic cells at the end of the manufacturing process and that these are maintained throughout the distribution chain.  Given that there are many intrinsic and extrinsic factors that could negatively impact the survival of probiotics, this is no small challenge. Recent research suggests that yeast could help.  This presentation shows how.

  • Chilling, microencapsulation and active packaging – the strengths and weaknesses of current methods to protect probiotics
  • The research – how yeast could enhance the viability of probiotics under elevated temperature and acidic conditions
  • The effect of yeasts on the growth of probiotic bacteria in different food matrices and at low pH conditions
  • The implications of mixed yeast-bacteria fermentation on the organoleptic qualities of food