Craig Silbery

CEO, Evolution Health

Craig Silbery established Life-Space in 2005, now the top-selling probiotics brand in Australia and into China. He has extensive experience in establishing new markets and led Life-Space’s push into China where he gained first-hand knowledge of the demographic, socio-economic and cultural aspects of the Chinese market that drive demand. Through the use of truly innovative, grassroots marketing and sales strategies he established Life-Space as a highly regarded probiotic brand in China. Craig understands the challenges of expanding into culturally diverse markets and the importance of country-led marketing. He has a keen interest in R&D and the investigation of new product usage within the probiotic space.

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How to harness consumer insights to design more relevant research

Evolution Health is one of Asia Pacific’s most successful healthcare companies, thanks to the meteoric growth of its probiotic brand Life-Space, which now ranks number one across Australia and China.  Craig will examine:

  • Australian manufacturing’s role in this success: the rules, regulations and frameworks that have helped drive Australia’s reputation as clean and green.
  • The consumer insights that influence how Life-Space chooses its probiotic formulation and customer trends emerging from both China and Europe.
  • The increasing importance of collaboration between the scientific community and commercial brands in clinical research